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ITD’s multi-dimensional hotel guest database program- taking guest transactional data from property management systems (PMS) and transforming it into a powerful yet user-friendly marketing tool accessible via the web.

Guest data is cleaned, reformatted and appended with third party data to provide accurate reporting, analysis and targeted marketing.

ITD is able to clean and validate data across 235 countries world-wide.

dataArc holds in excess of 4 million guest records and is used by over 400 hotels across the Asia Pacific region.

In the last 12 months, tens of thousands of guest activity reports have been run and over 1,000 direct mail and email campaigns created and tracked. Together with dataArc comes the knowledge and experience of ITD’s team, who managed 5,000 client requests and work closely with hotel teams to assist in maximising marketing strategy and spend.

With dataArc you can...

  • Target selected guests for direct marketing purposes such as traditional direct mail, email and telemarketing.
  • Track each campaign to determine response rates, location of responders and amount of spend, allowing you to build accurate and precise return on investment reports.
  • Download data for further internal analysis.
  • Analyse guests at a regional level (within hotel groups and clusters) to track migration, introduce guests to other properties in the portfolio and market at a group level.
  • Access the deepest discounts from postal agencies and save on collateral costs via selected targeting methods.
Your dataArc guest history database is a powerful tool
Your dataArc guest history database is a powerful tool ….how you use it is vital in ensuring maximum results. Details

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